Новинка: столы для рисования солью

Нами налажено производство столов для рисования солью. Данная услуга предоставляется только при строительстве или модернизации соляных комнат и пещер. Смотреть подробнее о столах для рисования солью...


Salt Playground in the mall

Our company is developing and trying to keep up with the modern pace of life, so ready to offer you something new to grow your business and increase visitors to your Shopping Center, by attracting a greater number of people.



Salt Cave, constructed and equipped under a children's Playground will help attract more families to your shopping centre. It is no secret that many shopping centers already have specialized children's playroom in which parents can leave their children while they can go shopping.

Now, in addition to the usual playgrounds you invite them to spend this time with advantage for health!

A large number of positive results after a visit to the salt room has long been scientifically proven by many doctors.

Almost 9 out of 10 parents would prefer playing the salt room than usual!

This salt games room will be the highlight of your shopping and entertainment centre, will significantly increase the attendance and favorably distinguish your Shopping Centre among other Shopping Centers , and most importantly – enhance the prestige of the Center in the eyes of visitors.

More detailed information about the benefits of salt room construction and find out by calling on our phones.