Новинка: столы для рисования солью

Нами налажено производство столов для рисования солью. Данная услуга предоставляется только при строительстве или модернизации соляных комнат и пещер. Смотреть подробнее о столах для рисования солью...


Professional building of salt rooms and "salt caves"

What is “SALT CAVE”

Salt cave (Salt Room) is an artificially recreated atmosphere of natural salt mines on the surface in the room whose entire surface - walls, floor and ceiling is made of ecologically clean salt crystals mined from the depth of 150-300 m below the surface of the Earth.

It is a unique salt room for salubrious effect and relaxation.

Healing effect lies in the properties of natural salt: air, saturated with salt ions, has antibacterial properties and inhibits development of microorganisms in the respiratory tract thus preventing development of inflammatory processes.

The modern rhythm of life doesn’t give relax to person.This problem is successfully solved in salt rooms.

Salt Rooms have special design that creates the sense of tranquility. Here you can feel the atmosphere of peace and disconnect from everyday thoughts and concerns.

Pleasant relaxing music, soft illumination, interesting design, comfortable seats and unique healing mineral microclimate, combines harmoniously with complex of SPA procedures, expands and enriches the range of existing healing services.

Salt Room is a great way to make your Hotel, SPA and Wellness business even more successful and profitable!

Advantages of Salt Rooms in Hotel business, SPA and Wellness industry:

  • salt room will increase prestige and exclusivity of your institution in the eyes of your clients and in highly competitive market of similar services
  • salt room will diversify already existing range of services provided and will raise interest of old clients and will attract big amount of new.
  • there is opportunity to make both small salt rooms and big salt halls.
  • safety and practically complete absence of contra-indications

Salt rooms start getting particularly popular in hotels as they allow tourists and business-travelers to fully relax, to renew their physical and emotional states, to combine official trip with health care, as well as undergo curing procedures during their long-duration stay in the hotel, and it can often be the reason for the client’s decision to stay longer!

Nowadays it is also rather prestigious to have salt rooms, caves and halls in private houses and villas as nice addition to swimming pool and sauna.

Having Salt Room becomes good tone!

Salt Room is a business card of any prestigious establishment!

The result of salubrious influence of Salt Room:

  • prophylaxis of asthma, allergies, broncho-pulmonary diseases, psoriasis
  • increases the overall immunity of body and its resistance to respiratory infections, bronchitis, chronic pharyngitis, flu etc
  • antidepressant and anti-stress effect
  • calming and relaxing effect
  • improves the condition of nervous system and general well-being
  • improves blood circulation and lymph flow
  • improves metabolism
  • helps to remove toxins
  • strengthens oxygen exchange
  • increases mental and physical performance
  • improves sleep

Investments in health are the most profitable

The company ‘Prima Salt’ is a leader in installing Salt Rooms in Ukraine for over 8 years as well as it is regard as a qualitative competitor in international markets.

Relief, multilevel ceilings and the system of stalactites, multi-colored backlight and decorative fireplace, arches, wells, salt-pictures provide a creative designer’s approach to each order.

Salt Rooms are modern technologies of salubrious